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thou shalt not make repetitive generic music
& thou shalt always kill
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I want a boyfriend :(

what's on: Trainwreck - Demi

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I was excited for the movie, then sad cause Fred's about to bite the dust. Mooooooooood swiiiiiiiiiiiiings.
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I wish I would've actually started school this week. Now I've got like 2 empty months that could be more productive.

Things I Need:
  • A job
  • An Amazon account
  • A car
  • A license TO drive said car
  • Guitar strings
Now that Texas is over I've found this summer to be filled with nothing else but goodbyes. This week, I say goodbye to two of my good friends...but hey, it had to happen sometime hadn't it? 

mood: cold cold
what's on: Jumper - Third Eye Blind

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this journals only for reading communities, yo
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